The partnership with Dynamo

Dynamo Energies is an innovative start-up based on sustainability, oriented towards improving people's quality of life and reducing the energy consumption of buildings through technologically advanced products that work with renewable energy.

Dynamo manufactures latest generation photovoltaic systems, producing different models that combine design and high technology: the Monolith 1.4.9, the Cube D6, the Pyramid D8, the Photovoltaic Facade and the Photovoltaic Tower.

We contributed to the installation of the Dynamo Lab, an open-air research hub that hosts visits from installers, distributors and designers. Thanks to this collaboration we are able to produce innovative 3D solutions for the development of efficient and sustainable building envelopes which are characterised by the quality typical of products made in Italy.

Photovoltaic facades, photovoltaic towers and sophisticated photovoltaic machines: these solutions are in perfect harmony with the creative spirit of architects and can be fully integrated into the most varied types of projects.

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