With an impressive height of more than 300 meters and 60 floors, 262 Fifth Avenue is the new residential tower of Manhattan, signed by Meganom studio. Intended for residential use, the building is characterized by a structural difference between the eastern facades, aluminum and glass, and those to the north and south, formed by a large aluminum and triple glass system. The building has a single vertical core, which will hold all the formation mechanisms (elevators, exit stairs, etc.), allowing the apartments to have customizable open floors with large areas overlooking the city's panorama.

Gualini is proud to be back in America with this ambitious project, the first officially signed by Gualini Inc. The company will realize continuous facades with cells, windows, composite panels in aluminum and, after several patents, the innovative photovoltaic facade, a symbol of beauty and sustainability.


CM & Associates Construction Management; Five Points 262 Project LLC


2022 – work in progress


Meganom, SLCE Architects

Consultant for the external envelope:

Front INC

Intended use:


Facade surface:

16,056 sqm