The project

The area of Ramla, close to Tel-Aviv, will host the new blood bank of the Israeli state.

A highly relevant project for Magen David Adom, the association that manages emergency medical service for the Israeli state, as well as custody of the national blood reserves. The association has commissioned design of the building to Mochly-Eldar Architects, an architectural studio that specializes, among other activities, in design of buildings destined to public health services.

This new center will allow the Israeli state to increase its blood unit reserves amount above the minimum quantity requested by World Health Organization, while also being the first blood bank in the world to feature three underground levels that will be protected against seismic risk, as well as missile and chemical attacks.

The floors above ground will host an auditorium, lecture halls, blood donation room and food services, while the underground floors will be dedicated to the actual blood bank, together with its related laboratories, and they will also double as atomic bunker in case of attacks to the country.

Gualini is taking care, together with Winditaly Ltd, strategic partner on the Israeli market, of manufacture and installation of curtain walls with structural glazing, incorporating the support structures for the outer sun shading system, for the building envelope and guard house, internal windows and doors instead for the underground rooms.


Magen David Adom in Israel


2020 – Work in progress


Mochly Eldar – Architects

Consultant for the external envelope:

General Contractor: Minrav engineering and construction LTD – Afcon construction LTD

Intended use:

Health services